Hyperlight Opens Doors for Transit Users


Published on Wavefront.ca on January 26, 2018.

Vancouver-based Hyperlight Systems and TransLink have developed an innovative technology solution for transit users with disabilities.

Metro Vancouver’s TransLink is the first transit authority in the world to offer fully automated, touchless access to a gated transit system. The Universal Fare Gate Access Program was announced in January 2018. See this Vancouver Sun article.

The technology, a form of wireless communication, provides program participants with radio frequency identification (RFID) cards that automatically communicate with the RFID readers located above designated accessible fare gates. The fare gate opens when the card comes within range and closes once the customer passes through. One user described the experience: “It’s like magic”.

This unique, locally-developed solution allows people with disabilities to use the same fare gates as everyone else and independently travel the system.

Wavefront’s role in Hyperlight’s growth

Hyperlight co-founder, Ashish Sachdeva, is part of Wavefront’s RevUP program, which provides intensive training and support for high growth companies.

Ashish started at Wavefront in mid-2016, when his team set up shop in Vancouver. Since then Hyperlight has taken advantage of the many networking, mentorship and training opportunities available to Wavefront community members.

“As a growing company, being at Wavefront enabled us to attract technical talent. The training and mentorship we received has helped refine a unique value proposition and go-to-market plan that supports expansion,” says Ashish.

As Hyperlight works to innovate further and makes plans for growth, their core mission remains the same: providing access for everyone, everywhere. Knowing how to articulate the global issues around accessibility while attracting the attention of investors was a key takeaway from the RevUP program.

“The program presented us with a lot of great information in a structured way to maintain our laser-like focus. This has enabled us to identify market opportunities and grow the business,” says Hyperlight’s Business Development Manager, Tamira Nasanbat. 

What’s next for Hyperlight

By 2018, Hyperlight aims to finish the project with Translink by implementing all SkyTrain and SeaBus stations. The team is focused on scaling their business in major cities across North America.

Hyperlight is working to improve accessibility across the world. The next product that Hyperlight is preparing to launch is touchless access for new pathways to make travel even more seamless for people with special needs. The company is well on its way to improving mobility experiences for everyone and implementing the first-of-its-kind technology across North America.

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